Q&A with the Designer

Describe your design style:

Fun, informal, vibrant and bold. I don’t take my patterns too seriously. Every design starts life as a hand-drawn doodle and the placement of motifs is generally done by eye rather than precision. I tend to create pieces that look and feel right rather than necessarily being mathematically ‘correct’.  I like to inject bold colour accents, often set against a deep base. The often daring colour combinations, challenge the conventional.  They invite you to step outside your comfort zone of colour and experience something new.

Where do you find your inspiration for a new pattern?

Usually from the world around me. I’m out in nature every day – either walking the dog, or pottering in the garden – so the organic forms of trees, flowers, leaves, the colour combinations in a hedgerow, the way a shadow is cast all provide great inspiration. I’ll also look back at photographs from my travels around the world and holidays. I always have a camera with me, so if anything catches my eye out and about – the pattern of some railings or the colour of a building against a blue sky for example – I’ll snap it and use that too. As well as looking around, I also look back – I adore the clean lines and simplicity of Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian design as well as retro late 60s/70s prints, so I have a silly number of Pinterest boards devoted to print and pattern from the past!

What are your 5 favourite things?

1. Sunshine.

2. Socialising & Solitude in equal parts – A contradiction I know but I think both are wonderfully energising and regenerating for the soul and it’s important to listen to your mind and body to know which one will be best for you at any given time.

3. Walks on the beach with my family & my dog – fun and invigorating no matter what the weather.

4. Enjoying a well-made gin & tonic (with lime…it HAS to be lime) served in a huge glass, whilst sitting in a fabulous bar overlooking the sea – the ultimate relaxation.

5. Chocolate, Yoga and Sleep – I have found that one or all can help or solve most problems.

(I’ve broken the rules and actually gone above 5 things here, haven’t I?!!)

4. Why the name?

‘Binkle & Bungo Design’ evolved from a blog I started writing when my son started school. I liked the name, so decided to keep it. You can read about how the name came about here.

5. Why surface pattern design?

I believe that pattern and colour has the power to uplift us – to make us smile – to bring a bit of joy.  It can calm us, or excite us.

I’ve always loved design and have studied it in many forms. I focused on textiles, clothing and fashion as a student and in my early career. I also gained a diploma in garden design a few years ago – the planting aspect of which – taught me so much about colour and how differing combinations can create such different moods and effects. More recently I’ve taken courses in ceramics – learning how to create wheel-thrown pottery pieces and various decoration techniques. The process of mark-making, pattern and glazing on clay really fired (see what I’ve done there?!) my passion for surface pattern design.

With surface pattern design – especially on more inexpensive items such as home textiles, accessories and stationery – it allows us to experiment with our choices – to try clashing combinations, bold print, mix it up, be brave.  The home is a sanctuary and therefore if just by adding a touch of colour or a bold pattern, we can create a space that makes us more happy, settled and calm – that’s got to be a good thing…..hasn’t it?