The Power of the (Hand) Written Word


canstockphoto9482436This week is #NationalStationeryWeek, aiming to promote the importance of writing by hand in our increasingly digital world. Whilst reading through the organisers website, it got me to thinking (reminiscing?) about writing letters and cards.

I’m guilty.

I just hardly do it anymore.

There are a handful of people that I send birthday cards to and everyone else gets a text or a Facebook post…and whilst those things are nice, how much nicer is it to get those colourful envelopes dropping through your postbox on your birthday…and what about saying ‘Thank You’? How often do you actually write to your host to thank them for dinner or your stay or for a gift?

Thank You Card by Binkle & Bungo Design

I went to University during the mid 1990s (yikes!) – a time where email and mobile phones went from being very rare, to everywhere in the space of my 4 year degree. In my first couple of years of study, I sent and received literally dozens and dozens of hand-written letters to and from my friends…and I kept them. Pretty much all of them. They are packed away in a box that I hardly ever open, but when I do, I’m hooked. They make me laugh, they  make me cry and they definitely make me cringe. They are brilliant. They are some of my favourite memories.


By the time I graduated from university, my friends and I had also graduated from letter-writing. Email was the new thing. We would go to the library computers and send a few typed lines.

I didn’t keep a single one of those emails.

It saddens me that we rarely send and receive hand-written letters, notes and postcards these days.

I think I’m going to try to do it more.

photo-1434030216411-0b793f4b4173 (1)

Find out more about National Stationery Week here

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Note Cards by Binkle & Bungo Design


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