Paper cuts

Shame on me…I just found this post that I wrote A WHOLE YEAR AGO but didn’t get round to publishing. Oh well…Mother’s Day has nearly come around again, so here we go…as relevant now as it was 12 months ago!!

Something I’ve been meaning to get around to for absolutely ages, is having a go at  the art of ‘paper cutting’.

I’ve always much admired the amazing, intricate work of Rob Ryan

*Apologies for the quality of the photos in this post. They were taken whilst I was carrying out the project at about 8pm – so the light is not great.

I purchased this wonderfully clear and concise book and a paper cutting knife almost a year ago and then it sat neglected and lonely on the shelf waiting desperately to be an inspiration and of use.

With Mothers Day coming up, I thought ‘ah ha’, now is my chance to have a go by making some paper-cut cards for our Mums….and a ‘go’ it was…(I certainly need to hone my skills where this one is concerned),  but Mums are very forgiving so I knew they’d appreciate the effort rather than the result.

Pressed for time, as usual, I used the templates provided in the book as this was my first attempt and I didn’t want to start designing my own artwork without seeing how tricky it might be. I selected and copied these 2 floral designs to then attached to my card. School-girl error on my card selection though – WAY too thick which meant that I had a VERY sore hand when I finished and the edges weren’t as crisp and neat as I would have liked. 

So, the process basically involves attaching the template to the card and carefully (very carefully) cutting away the ’empty’ areas. You are then left with the design on the card

Find some contrasting card or paper to fix to the back and ‘tah-dah’, the card is complete.  I added some text by applying clear stickers to the top of the cards, which, in hindsight didn’t give a very professional finish but did I mention this was my first attempt?!!

Although far from perfect, I do love the effect that paper cutting produces and because it is all done by hand, even if you are using the same template, each piece is completely unique.  Next up I will have a go at creating my own designs….watch this space…..

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