Write drunk; edit sober.

Well Hello there! I’m back – it’s me – world’s worst blogger. I could make some pathetic excuses about how busy I’ve been…or perhaps it’s just that I haven’t been drunk enough of late to write…!

So, first glass of mulled cider* of the Autumn in hand, and here I am…
*There is no actual ‘mulling’ involved in my version of this seasonal warm drink…just good cider (I’m talking Stowford Press, not Diamond White), a decent glug of Winter Pimms and heat on the stove..then enjoy the cosy, fruity, booz-y-ness)
The truth is, I’ve lacked motivation or inspiration to write anything of late…and reading other people’s blogs doesn’t help…it just breeds self-doubt and a feeling of inadequacy. How does one find the time to write (interesting) content on such a regular basis? By not watching The Great British Bake Off of an evening, looking at Facebook a few (hundred) times a day, or snoozing in bed until the very last minute, rather than getting up 30 minutes earlier to be productive. THAT’S how!
Enough of the self-criticism though. I’ve managed to remind myself that I started this blog for Me – to provide a focus and record for my plans, achievements and motivation. So, I’ve had a few stern words with myself, shall pull up my (fluffy winter) socks, pull my finger out, & just get on with it.
First up, I’m going to make a few changes (again) as I figure a blog should never be static..it should evolve just as a person does..
There, I’ve said it now so better get to it……
OR maybe another mulled cider first……

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