Birthday Bits (yes, more bags!)

For the past couple of days I’ve been working on some new birthday gifts. Now, this is where I have a problem with including these things in my blog because if anyone who these items are intended for sees this before they see their gifts, well then, the surprise is a little ruined! On the other hand, however, if you see it and don’t like least you can practise your ‘delighted’ face!!  Not sure how I’ll play the run up to Christmas as I’m planning to have a very ‘handcrafted’ Christmas this year, which means either lots of sneaky peeks at gifts, or a lack of posts during the weeks before the festive season. Hmmmm, something to think about….?!
I’d really like to share what I’ve been up to this week at least, so first up is the lovely Tilly (Matilda). The youngest daughter of family friends of ours.  Being the youngest, Tilly has at her disposal most toys, clothes etc that a little girl could possibly want. Therefore, it’s always a bit tricky when it comes to gifts for young Tilly.  This year, I thought I’d make something personalised for her….something that is just hers and not a hand-me-down from big sister or brother. I decided I’d make up a little ‘activity pack’, consisting of a named toy bag with some pens and activity pad/stickers/book for her to have when out and about/travelling/in a restaurant. The bag is made with a natural shade cotton/linen base fabric and then features lining and applique using Michael Miller’s very cute ‘Forest Life’ fabric. I’ve also made an ‘owly’ themed card to match! I hope Tilly (& her mummy!) like it……

Next up, is Eli.  A good friend of mine asked me to make a toy bag for a little boy, Eli, who is about to turn one. It was suggested that the bag be quite neutral to fit in with whatever colour scheme Eli’s bedroom might be over the years…and so he can hopefully use this bag for some time to come.  It has indeed turned out quite simple and neutral, featuring the same base fabric again and then a lovely natural/blue ‘ticking’ stripe for the applique, contrast band and lining all of which should blend in with most interior styles and tastes…a ‘timeless’ design, I hope.


….and last, but certainly not least, is my good old Dad. Now, dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for (at least they are in my family), and I was struggling to come up with something handmade that would fit the bill. Reluctant to get him a ‘nice bottle of wine’ (again!) and wanting to make him something with my own fair hands, I struck on the idea of making one of my favourite ‘zippy pouches’ but in an oilcloth fabric and lining, therefore making it suitable for use as a wash bag or wet bag. The reason being that since my parents fully retired a couple of years ago, they are giving the likes of Judith Chalmers (of ‘Wish You Were Here’ fame – yet another 1970/80s reference – I really MUST stop doing that!!) a run for her money, with the amount of holidays and travels they are constantly embarking on…and what can possibly be more useful when packing for holidays, than plenty of zippy bags?!
So, I ordered some oilcloth with a bit of a ‘nautical’ theme about it (Dad likes boats and I didn’t want to go for just plain navy or something..bit dull!) and made up a selection of bags.  They are all lined in a linen-type cloth that has a PVC finish, but is quite light-weight, so the bags aren’t too bulky.  I love the shape as you can have them quite ‘tall’ and upright, or more ‘boxy’ and squishy.  These ones measure about 30cm across and 20cm high..which I figure is big enough to hold shower gel, shaving cream, toothbrush/paste etc…or whatever else one might wish to pack in them. Of course, I can make these to order…bigger or smaller…or in different oil cloths.  I’m thinking I’ll make a MASSIVE one for myself for all my gym stuff…and T could do with one for putting in his wet swimming shorts, goggles and hat after his swimming lessons (he’s already got his eye on the red stars one).

So, there we have it….yet more bags…all sizes, great and small. Let me know what you think, or if someone in your life might like one too xx

One thought on “Birthday Bits (yes, more bags!)

  1. The wash bags are gorgeous. I would probably use something that size as a 'going on holiday toiletries bag', so room for hairbrush, moisturiser, deoderant etc. Perfect to just grab and go!


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