Ok, so I’ve nearly used up all those zips…for now!

Not wanting to waste the scraps left over from the various items I’ve made recently (& needing a use for all those zips I impulsively purchased), I’ve had a go at some little coin purses using fabric remnants. Made with the natural linen/cottons that I love working with & matching linings, they have a little tab with key ring to attach to whatever you may fancy attaching them to…!

They measure about 10cm/6cm and although I was originally thinking of them as ‘coin purses’, I’ve come up with a variety of uses:
1. Coin Purse (obviously)
2. Credit Card/Receipt holder
3. Gadget Case (just about big enough to hold some mobile phones/head phones/bits & bobs
4. (For Dog Owners) Doggie treat & poo bag holder
5. Lip gloss/mascara (make up essentials for night out) purse
6. Mini pencil case for those little crayons/pens. Good for Mums to keep in handbags to keep little ones occuplied in an emergency!
7. An alternative to the ‘party bag’ for girls…..(not if you’re providing them for the whole class of course…that could get silly expensive), but for a few girls; one of these with a bag of chocolate buttons/haribos/hair clips etc etc,could make for a nice ‘thank you for coming to my party’ gift.

J quite liked these…said they were very ‘practical’, so I made one for him too…not sure if boys would go for these, but perhaps I’ll come up with some design ideas…they could use them to keep hold of their Lego Mini figures/ Go Gos/ Other Treasures, I suppose…..

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