Zip It.

At last…I’ve done some sewing!!
This week’s project has been all (well, mostly all) about zips….seeing as I seem to have acquired (impulsively purchased) a load over the summer. 
I get really fed up of the lack of ‘stuff’ (by that, I mean clothing & accessories) for boys that doesn’t feature some kind of branded image. Now; I appreciate that Lightning McQueen, Ben 10, Star Wars are all ‘awesome’, as a certain 5 year old boy might put it, but I’d rather these ‘characters’ stay on the TV, in the cinema and (I’m even willing to concede) toys. Merchandise that isn’t branded is out there, but it is harder to track down.
Therefore….ta dah….I’ll take my zips and darn well make my own……
(Ok, ok, this first pencil case does feature Comic Book Super Heros, which therefore makes me something of a hypocrite, but the print is kind-of-retro & not straight out of a Disney-Pixar animation!)
Love the boxy shape and the chunky zip, as does T apparently…looks like this one is for him!

Celebrating ‘Brand Britain’ again with union jack appliqued guitar and matching lining. This one is made from an old pair of jeans. Yay..upcycling that fabric again.

I had some blue camo fabric which I thought might make a great shark applique. Bit of an experiment this one, but worked out ok.

so ok that I made a matching toy bag too!

…and then on to the girly things…Really pleased with this pouch. Especially the little fabric tab on the end of the zip. This is made from a rustic piece of natural linen cloth, with a bright, colourful Japanese floral & geisha print fabric for the base & the lining.  Hmmm, might make a good gift for someone…..

This one is for ME ME ME. I needed a new makeup bag and couldn’t find one I liked, was the right size, or wasn’t a silly price.  The fabric is an offcut from an oilcloth table cloth we used to have on our kitchen table!!! 

I’ve not taken a very good picture of this pencil case, but you can just about sneak a peek at this ‘1960s owl’ print used in the lining. I’ve a pile of fabulous ‘girly’ print cottons that I’d like to utilise in coin purses, tote bags, more zipped pouches and toy bags, so lots more of this sort of thing to come over the following weeks…..

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