A rock & roll Friday night!

10 days after T’s return to school, I return to school next week (well, college, & it is only 1 morning a week so not exactly the same) and being a bad student, I’ve left my homework until the last minute.  So I find myself, glass of wine in hand, doing college prep on a Friday night!
Now I’ve completed a year of my ceramics course, I want to have a real direction and focus with the work I produce next term (or that’s the plan anyway). Last term I did some work on surface decoration on clay using ‘lino cut’ prints (essentially, as the name suggests, cutting out a print into lino sheets) and the results, for a novice, weren’t too dodgy.

The original lino cut design inspired by the work
of Angie Lewin

The finished printed hand-built ceramic piece,
using coloured slips, oxides & glaze

As I had some success with this, (and actually producing lino cuts is slightly addictive) the aim now is to develop this style of decoration a little more and see how I can use it on pottery that has been made on the wheel. For this new printed work, I want to use some surface pattern that features seed heads as I think they are such interesting forms and structures. So, I had a go at cutting some designs last night, with that wine in hand!  Check back in a few weeks to see how successful (or not) these have been…….
The new lino cuts of cow parsley, alliums & dandelions

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