Indian Summer…I love you the best….

The weather this week has been conspiring against me and I’ve not so much as plugged in my sewing machine or opened my sketch book…but as my Mother just said “The piles of fabric will still be there on a rainy day…”

So, I decided today to make the most of the warm sunshine and get out in the garden. Earlier in the week I bought masses of spring flowering bulbs which all need to go in the ground in the next month or so..I made a start on them today, joined by some little friends who were happily enjoying this late summer sun.

Really need to cut out some of these fading flowers, but the bees and the butterflies are still very much enjoying them, so can’t bring myself to just yet.
Put to shame by the hardworking bees, I have however managed to sit in front of a screen and create something this week (albeit during the evening when it’s getting too chilly & dark to be outside)
…and here it is….my new style of Christening Card has been born.
We’re off to a Christening at the weekend & as J is one of ‘The God Father’ (s), I wanted to make a Christening card for our wonderful friends & their lovely little boy, which contained a personal message & good wishes from us all, (whilst not being too ‘twee’ or overtly religious).  This is my favourite reading/verse for newborns and young children – it encapsulates everything that we wish for them as they start out in life & so I decided, after some tinkering with the formatting, that it would make a great bit of ‘word art’ to feature on the front of a card.

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